Fundraising And Clothing Policy

Pictou County Basketball Association Fundraising and Clothing Policy

  1. Fundraising may take place at the Club or Team level.
  2. All fundraising by the Pictou County Lightning Assoc. will allocated based on approval by the Board and all activities will be pre-approved by the President, Vice-President and Treasurer. All expenses related to team uniforms, equipment, and other related expenses will be funded by the Pictou County Lightning Assoc. and will be property of the Pictou County Lightning Assoc.
  3. All fundraising by the any Pictou County Lightning Teams will meet the following guidelines:
    a.   All fundraising activities must be approved by the club President, Vice-President, or Treasurer.
    b:  All money raised must directly fund expenses for players or coaches/assistant coaches. This includes travel expenses (hotels, meals team building activities, etc.).
    c.  Funds raised by the team can be used to fund tournament fees as well as game related expenses (referees, time keepers, etc.).
    d.  Money raised cannotbe used for parent expenses in any form. (This includes rooms, travel, or any other expenses)
    e.  Funds raised by the team can be used to purchase “Club issued Clothing
    f.  Funds raised by the team cannotbe used to purchase any other clothing or other team gear,that has not been issued by the Club.
    g.  All funds raised must be deposited into a club level bank account. The Club treasurer will administer all funds for all teams. There will be no exceptions.
    h.  All team expenses paid directly by a team should be paid via cheque or money order to ensure proper records are in place.
    i.  Teams shall not exhaust their team balances outside of purchasing expenditures outlined above in items b, c & e(ie. Purchasing gift cards to distribute to players at year end to exhaust the team account)
    j.  Our club and teams are responsible to manage the money donated to us ethically.
  4. At the conclusion of a team’s competitive year, (usually February to July), all funds are to remain with the club and managed by the Club Treasurer.

    a.  Teams should end the season with approximately the same team balance that they started with.

    b.  Positive team balances will carry over to the following season and remain with that team, funds WILL NOT follow players and/or coaches.  In the event a balance that is greater than $2,000 as the closing balance for a team.  The excess that is greater than $2,000 will be evenly distributed amongst the other teams in the same division and gender.  In the event there are no other teams to distribute to, the excess greater than $2,000 will be absorbed in to the club for other program investments.

  5. Pictou County Basketball Association, (Lightning), branded clothing cannot be produced by any other supplier other than the one designated by the board.   No Team or parent has permission to use the logo without permission from the board.

Updated August 22nd, 2018