Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Each player must submit a completed registration form with full payment in order to attend any selection session or practices of the Pictou County Basketball Club (PCBA). Registration and membership fee will include a one time, annual fee for membership in Basketball Nova Scotia. Fees will be applied for skill sessions and team fees (as appropriate). Applications made with KidSport applications will require a $20 deposit with the application which is refundable when KidSport funding is confirmed.


There is no discount in fees when registering multiple players from the same family. Children of coaches and other volunteers approved by the Board of Directors will not be subject to skill session fees. All players are subject to the fees for Basketball Nova Scotia membership as well as competitive team fees.


  • Full refund: To any player initially placed on a waiting list and not being placed on a team; no administrative fee.
  • Skill Sessions: Full refund of registration fees will be paid up to the date of the first session.   One time Basketball Nova Scotia membership fee is non-refundable. No refunds will be provided after the date of the first session.
  • Competitive Team Fees: 50% refund of full season competitive team fees if written notice is provided to the secretary/treasurer prior to January 15th. Full refunds provided for written notice provided prior to the first game.
  • NSF cheques are subject to a $35.00 administrative and processing fee.


Extraordinary Circumstances:

  • “KidSport” applications (financial assistance through ‘Sport Nova Scotia’, call 425-5450): Submit a PCBA Player Registration Form and a copy of the KidSport Application Form, with a $20 payment at Registration Night. Once approved, any excess funds will be reimbursed.
  • Any other extraordinary circumstance will be discussed and a decision made by the Board of Directors of the PCBA.
  • Any refund policy decision may be appealed within seven (7) days of notification in writing to the President or secretary of the PCBA.


To request a refund, please contact the Treasurer or President of the Pictou County Basketball Club.



Board of Directors, Pictou Basketball Club

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