Team Manager Role and Responsibilities

  • Work with Coaches to secure games and tournaments for team, while maintaining excellent relations with competing clubs and teams, (we want to be good neighbors and competitors and keep a great reputation for the club).
  • Share club contacts with other Team Managers.
  • Coordinate accommodations for away tournaments
  • Coordinate drives for away tournaments and games
  • Arrange for Refs and score/time keepers, and clocks.
  • Work with gym coordinator to secure gym times for team.
  • Coordinate fundraising initiatives to support team’s expenses, maintaining a positive balance.
  • Work with Club Treasurer to have checks and deposits made in a timely manner
  • Ensure that Coaches rooms are paid for by Team when away on tournaments
  • Ensure team or club funds are not used for Clothing or Parents rooms
  • Maintain and communicate team schedule to team and coaches, (weekly running calendar would be best).
  • Keep and communicate team stats to marketing and web design committees for posting and communicating.
  • Ensure team complies with all club policies.
  • Participate in Team Manager Committee
  • Ensure Club equipment, (ie Balls and Jerseys are well cared for and returned at end of season.
  • Ensure proper game and tournament etiquette for both Players and Parents, (ensure team and parents conduct themselves appropriately).

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