Team Selection Policy

Team Selection Policy

The Pictou County Basketball Association (PCBA) uses a player Evaluation process in determining placement on competitive teams from the Mini age level (grades 5 and 6) up to the Juvenile age level (grade 10, 11 and 12).

Junior Mini players (grades 3 and 4) plus players involved the Junior NBA Program (grades Primary to grade 2) will play with their friends and neighbours and classmates as much as possible. At Junior Mini and Junior NBA levels, it is more about fun, new skills, positive attitudes, and not necessarily winning. At the Junior mini and Junior NBA level we want players to learn new skills and develop a positive attitude towards involvement in team sports. Junior Mini and Junior NBA levels, teams are evenly divided into groups that can play against each other. Players play 4 on 4 and scores are not kept at this level.

All players interested in playing competitive basketball from Mini level and up will participate in a team selection process, (Player Evaluation). This process is to determine which players will play together on the same team. Each of these levels will have an A Team chosen by a panel of coaches to be the top players in their age group/gender. Additional teams will be formed like so:

In the case of TWO Teams: A & B

In the case of THREE Teams: A & B & B

In the case of FOUR Teams: A & B & C & C

In the case of FIVE Teams: A & B & C & C & C

In the case of SIX Teams: A & B & C & C & C & C

In the bottom two teams all players will be, as evenly as possible, divided so that these teams can play each other, as well as well as travel to play other club teams.

The coaches who will coach in a particular age group and gender usually determine the final selection of players on teams; however the Club will bring in a third impartial party’s to assist with determining team selections. Team selections are usually carried over one or more practice sessions. Depending on the number of players in a particular age group, the players may all practice together, or may be split into smaller, more manageable groups.


Maximum numbers of players for teams will be 14 players but individual coaches will determine whether to field rosters of 8-14 players. In situations where we have more than 14 players but not enough players for an additional team, we will designate “spares” that will be rotated into the lineup. Spare players will practice with the team at all times.

We are aware that many factors come into the selection process, such as a player’s skill level, player position, player attitude, team chemistry, history of past experiences between player and coach or player and player, friends wanting to play together, choice of practice day or practice time, or even car-pooling opportunities. It is not always perfect, but we do try our best.

Late registering players will be reviewed by Coaches in same division/gender along with President or Vice President to decide on appropriate player team placement.  In special circumstances players can be placed on A teams with board approval and Coaches alignment.

Players will play in their age group and gender except in “special cases”, (like highly skilled provincial players, or kids that are clearly and significantly playing above the level of their peers). A panel of no less than 3 coaches would have to support the advancement of such a player to the next level, “if the numbers supported it in the higher level”.

Our Club does not call up players at any time.

Competitive Teams Season Concludes with the Provincial Tournament for their Gender and Age category. Post Provincials teams can continue to operate with the following criteria adhered to:

1)       If there are additional tournaments or games that a team wishes to go to post provincials; the coach and manager meet with team and determine if all are OK with continuing to that date only.  If yes..  then they do so and advise President who will advise board…  if no…  then:

2)   Tryouts are held in accordance with club policy, (3 or more coaches on hand), to choose a team to continue on.  This would require board approval post season

A Team can choose to skip to 2, with Presidents approval.

Updated: August 22nd2018


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