Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy



The official uniform of the Pictou County Basketball Club is an Adidas brand navy blue (reversible to white) jersey top with matching navy blue shorts.


Pictou County players are required to wear a PCBC uniform provided through our Club for competitive team play.


Players will provide a $50 deposit for their uniform at the beginning of the season.  The funds will be returned when the uniform is returned in good condition.


Players will wear their complete uniform for every properly sanctioned game. Any PCBC player failing to show up at a properly sanctioned game without the complete uniform may not play in that game. Coaches will make the final decision in this regard.


Players are not to wear any part of the uniform, any time other than a game, (not to wear in practices).  Uniforms are only to be washed and air dried, (no dryer).


According to official FIBA basketball rules which our club follows, any player needing to wear a t-shirt under the uniform jersey must wear the same colour t-shirt as the jersey, which means a navy blue coloured t-shirt for PCBC players.


Where possible, FIBA numbers will be used (4 – 15, 20,21,22,23,24) and requests for specific numbers cannot always be accommodated.

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